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Ringie's Journal
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Thursday, November 23rd, 2006
1:05 pm
MFF Pictures
Got home at 2:30am last night and finally finished up the pictures by around 6. Was too tired to post an entry, but here they are: Midwest Furfest 2006 Images.

Couple more images behind the cut.Collapse )

Mostly of the Fursuit Games and the Fursuit Dance, didn't really bring the camera around much during the con. Hadn't taken many pictures over the past year so I was a bit rusty. Totally forgot the settings to use for indoor shots and such, hence the various tints. I think some of them turned out pretty nicely.

Happy Turkey Eating Day everyone, best wishes.
Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006
12:50 pm
Busy Busy
I'm deploying a new version of our software where I work tonight. So that means coming into work at 2pm and leaving sometime after 2am, and that's if there are no problems. Ugh. Gotta drive out to the other side of the state early tomorrow morning too, for Thanksgiving type stuff. So tired, it never ends :D Oh yeah, when I got back from MFF, "the Internets were down." I reset the router and modem many times with no improvement and finally called the cable company. Apparently 'they' had to reset my modem for it to work.

Anyway, MFF was fantastic. I was kinda freaking out Friday and part of Saturday, but that seems usual for me. Just can't loosen up for the first half of any con it seems. Went to most of the fursuit panels. Thanks goes out to Tumbler, aka stunttiger, Tilt, Ocicat, Brace Bear and calamitycougar aka jugularjaguar aka Draconis for putting on some excellent panels. Gonna get a full length mirror to practice with, I still have no confidence of my performance in suit, but it seemed like I was starting to get the hang of it (balloons are awesome to play around with in suit). Went to the How To on Puppetry. Thanks goes out to santa_fox for awesome panel. Gonna finally get a puppet my hand can fit into and practice. Also went to part of Kage's Story Hour and 2's show. I was surprised by all the new material, well, new for me at least, I haven't been to a con in 1 1/2 years. The Furry Variety Show was fun as always.

Wasn't in fursuit that much on Friday and Saturday, but I made up for it on Sunday. I wanted to participate in the Fursuit Games, but was just too tired and not feeling the greatest. Was napping and then suddenly it was starting. Stumbled down there to get some good pictures though. Didn't make it to the Fursuit Dance this year, for a couple reasons. I just plain can't dance in or out of suit; going to find some way to improve that, so maybe next year. Also the material in Ringie's feet was starting to bunch up. It felt like I was walking on pebbles, and not the fruity kind either. The soles of my feet kill right now. Still, some the pictures I took of the dance came out really well, so it wasn't a complete loss.

Sunday was pretty much perfect. Suited a lot, met a lot of new furs and finally ran into others I wanted to talk to. Also got a few art commissions that I've really wanted for a long time.

I enjoyed hanging out with you nauta and thanks for introducing me to many new furs. Probably wouldn't have gotten any art if you hadn't nudged me in that direction.

Pictures will be coming hopefully tonight. I still have about half to go through and then I'll get them up on my site.
Thursday, November 16th, 2006
10:33 pm
Day 5, Still No Ice
Made it to MFF alright. The car did pretty good, except for my back passenger-side tire lost 15 PSI in the first 100 miles. Filled that up and made it the rest of the way fine. I'm in room 5137 and anyone is welcome to come. I got various Raccoon foods and Settlers of Catan board game. Oh yeah, if you know where the ice is, let me know. I've scoured the top two floors, no dice, err ice :P
Saturday, November 11th, 2006
4:55 pm
Hiding in the forest
I almost got sucked back into World of Warcraft. One of my co-workers likes torturing me with WoW stuff all the time. He's not even playing it anymore because if he did, his wife would leave him (seriously). But he wants to play it so bad he's trying to get me back into it so he can live through me vicariously or something, I dunno. Whatever. I went out and bought Guitar Hero on a particularly weak night; would've reinstalled WoW otherwise. Things are alright though. Mostly been working a ton of overtime to keep busy. Can't wait for MFF. Really hoping my car will make it. Cleaned up Ringie a bit and took some pictures.

What's this?
It's nice how the accidental pictures turn out pretty good.

Just relaxing
I got a comfy new couch :)

A bunch of other stuff happened. My best friend moved in next door. He also got two kittens that are super cute. Bought a bunch of Magnetix because for some reason I wanted to mess around building stuff. Work is okay, but I can't stand the people there (think of the most hard-headed, religious people you know, that's who work there). They seem to have dropped the whole Non-Compete thing after I spoke with a lawyer and told them I had done such.

Had relatives over a couple weekends ago and they saw my place and the pile of plushies in my room. They didn't ask any questions which kinda worries me. We went to a nearby Mexican place because we wanted Margaritas, but it turns out alcohol can't be sold in Grandville on Sundays lol. I'd expect as much from the south, but in Michigan?
Sunday, October 8th, 2006
12:26 pm
It's amazing how bad things can get.
My job is alright, but I can't stand the company I work for. They are threatening to fire me if I don't sign a Non-Compete agreement. If I signed it, I wouldn't be able to work in software development for 2 years after I quit. The nerve of them to push this shit in my face. They pay me insultingly low, about half of what I should be making. They offer me absolutely nothing but my hourly wage (no benefits of any kind). It's an At-Will employment agreement too, so they could fire me at any time (no job security of any kind). They refuse to offer me anything to sign it too, they just want me to be their indentured servant for life. Fuck that. I've been talking to a lawyer and if they fire me because I won't sign and the agreement is deemed illegal (this one certainly is) then I can and will sue.

I just wanted 1 year of experience so I can find a decent job in my field. Everything was fine until they tried pushing this on me 3 months into my employment there. If I had known about this from the beginning, I never would have wasted my time with them.
Friday, July 14th, 2006
11:48 pm
Stuff Happened and Things
I am now employed and WoW free! I also have my own apartment and a potato ricer!

Here are the steps to success:
-------Week 1-------
--Bid adieu to parents as they leave for a road trip to see your brother in Montana.
--Go to other side of state to see friend who just got back from a year-long teaching stint in Japan.
--He'll get you hooked up with an interview at a software company on that side of the state.
--Get called for a second interview as you're driving back from the first.
--Get the job.
--Do a happy dance and drink happy drinks.
--Go canoeing for the first time and flip over a couple times on freshly fallen trees.
--Search for an apartment online.
--Go to a handful of apartments and pick one.
--Drive back home.
--Poke eye on a tree branch while cutting parent's lawn for the last time.
--Weed and fertilize gardens for the last time.
--Blindly clench an extremely thorny weed and endure the stinging for the next few days because of the microscopic needles that went into your hand and won't come out.
--Blindly pack a bunch of useless crap in a van before you even know you'll get an apartment.
--Say goodbye to everyone in your guild and cancel/uninstall WoW for good.
--Throw out the installation discs.

-------Week 2-------
--Drive across state.
--Go through the all-day ordeal of signing a lease for the first time.
--Unpack into new apartment very late that night.
--Enjoy a 4th of July party and drive back home to pick up more crap that night.
--Fireworks are kinda neat when you're traveling on the highway.
--Pack, go golfing with uncle, finish packing, drive out to apartment, unpack, drive back, all in the same day.
--Pack a 3rd load and kiss home goodbye.
--Unpack a final time.
--Spend your first night in a new place.
--Destroy your back sleeping on a crappy futon.
--Go canoeing again and pass out on a giant sand dune that you just had to climb cause it would be cool.
--Destroy back some more on crappy futon.
--Search for and buy/pick-up a mattress all before 1pm so you can have enough time to get to a cousin's wedding.
--Drive across state and a bit north to the wedding and rub it into relative's faces that you have a job and a place.
--Tell off your other uncle that kept giving you a hard time about not having a job.
--Drink lots of gin.
--When sober drive back home to pick up car.
--Drive run-down car across state, stopping many times along the way because it keeps acting funny when some solenoid related to the stupid emissions control system is clicking on and off cutting off oxygen to the engine and such that it won't run over 65mph without running it as hard as you can, but will eventually stop if you keep at it long enough.
--Burn out stupid emissions control system and enjoy a smooth ride the rest of the way.
--Enjoy sleeping on a nice mattress with a pile of plushies next to you.
--Buy food, linens, bathroom stuff, kitchen stuff and other random crap for the apartment.
--Sleep 3 hours.

-------Week 3-------
--Start new job bright and early.
--Find out you were the first to arrive and the last to leave on the first day, WTF.
--Find out you have free cable from the last tenant.
--Spend 8 hours on phone with cable company to get Internet.
--Find out your brand new modem has the same MAC address as someone else in the cable company's system(roughly 1 in 280,000,000,000,000 chance of that happening, that's right, 1 in 280 trillion!).
--Buy a lottery ticket.
--Finally get the Internets.
--Buy that raccoon and skunk off of ebay.
--Buy potato ricer and make crispy hash browns.

It took only a week to go from unemployed WoW-addicted bum to freakin' got-my-act-together guy. Took only another week to move all my crap and start the new job. Then one more week to get Internet at the new place and get half the stuff out of boxes.

Can't even begin to describe how exhausted I am right now. Gonna sleep for a day or two.
Monday, June 19th, 2006
1:01 am
Damn Ebay


So the plan is to get a job, and show Ebay who's boss! :D
Saturday, June 17th, 2006
2:38 am
Yes, no, I, this is...
So yeah, haven't been on the Internets lately. Haven't logged onto AIM since last year, haven't checked my email for this account either. In addition, completely missed the last 8 months of LJ. I'm on the verge, the precipice if you will, of getting my shit together, but this emo post should shed some light on what has happened. I sincerely hope to have not broken bonds I once had with those here. I never felt comfortable making bummer posts like this one, which is kinda why I disappeared.

Last summer, I was going to quit playing World of Warcraft. Since there was nothing to replace it with, I relapsed rather quickly. The only thing that could take it's place would be a decent job, but when no job surfaced and money from my previous contract job dried up, I had to move back home. Simply put, I couldn't work any job(crappy or otherwise) living at home. When the only time to yourself is during commuting, all patience and stability are lost and depression sets in. So I played WoW. Sometime around the end of September, I vowed to quit for good.

I was free for a month, spent my time looking for a job and playing/modding/working on my own mods for Morrowind. When I thought the account for WoW had expired, I discovered there had been a billing error in the past that had set me on the 3-month schedule. So, having already been paid up for the next 2 months, I fired that game up again, vowed only to log on for raids(only 8hr/week) until the term was up and then quit. That lasted another month, then I started playing just as heavily as before. What stopped me from pursuing my Morrowind mod was the fact that my computer memory just decided to stop working in dual-data-rate(known problem with my motherboard), which had an adverse effect on how well that game ran. It didn't affect how WoW ran though.

With no job, and no money, I had to cancel my trip to MFF. I had a really good second interview with a company from Kalamazoo that November, but when they decided to just ignore any emails or phone calls from me, I got really disheartened with the whole job search thing. WoW was always there to escape into, which is what I did for most of the time each day.

My brother came to visit for a couple weeks in December for the holidays. It was nice for a while, we got to play a lot of poker. The holidays always means many family parties. Those are a pain in the ass when you shouldn't still live at home. Everyone will spend the entire time pointing out your inadequacies. So things just seemed to get worse, not to mention anything I touched, or did outside of WoW would turn to shit. So I escaped into the game even more.

I tried my hand at planting a couple vegetable gardens this spring. One garden devoted to pumpkins and varying gourds, the other would be zucchini, tomatoes and the like. We always had a family garden that I'd keep up every year, but didn't have one the year previous because I thought a job was in the wings and would be moving. This year, I didn't care if it would dry up halfway through the summer, I needed something to keep me from playing WoW.

So I spent a lot of time outside doing all the landscaping, fixing up the yard, and preparing the gardens. We had an unseasonably warm month, so it should have been safe to plant in late April. The nice weather warmed the ground enough to plant all the seeds, the tomatoes and green peppers. The night after I planted everything, we had record low temperatures(low 20s). It stayed quite cold for the next 2 weeks, and it didn't rain at all during that time. When nothing came up at all, I started digging up the seed beds. The crap weather kept the seeds from germinating, but that wasn't the only problem, I had a serious grub problem. Every seed had grubs in them! So I had to re-till the soil, apply some heavy duty pesticide(which is what I always avoided to keep the gardens organic) and replanted everything but the tomatoes, green peppers and the first rows of the carrots, onions and radishes. Turns out the soil should have been tilled last year to prevent the grubs from taking hold, live and learn.

The day after the second planting, the weather turned cold once again, this time with rain. It rained every single day for 10 days straight(the river in our township was inches from flood stage). I thought everything would have died again, but when the weather warmed up after that, the pumpkins and zucchini started coming up. The strawberry patch isn't doing so hot, but everything else seems to be doing alright. Rabbits will ravage certain plants every now and then, but that's to be expected and I don't thin any plants for that reason.

So the gardens keep me occupied from time to time, but I still play the game. I won't be able to escape WoW until I move and have a job. This problem should be solved soon however. My friend that has been teaching in Japan for the past year comes back on June 23rd. We've got a plan to get an apartment in Grand Rapids with the intent for moving in July and he'll help me get a job through his contacts. If I can't get a job through his contacts, I'll work for his business or do bar-tending or become a waiter or work at the post office or something until I find a decent job. Since he's been unreliable in the past(he claims to have changed in Japan, we'll see), all this could fall through, but I will still be moving out to Grand Rapids. I've already shopped for a studio apartment out there for cheap and will swing it even if I have to work a couple minimum wage jobs to keep afloat. At this point, something has to change and quick, damn the consequences.

Any place I move to, the game won't be coming along. As soon as a lease is signed, I intend to junk the game. Maybe I'll sell the account, that will keep me from ever coming back to it. The lesson here is that I can never play any MMO ever.

Everything has been pushing me to change lately. I had every intention of visiting my friend while in Japan, but when I should have been working some kind of job(even flipping burgers) to save up money for it, I came up short(missed out on a once in a lifetime opportunity). I had every intention of going to AC, but same thing happened. I had every intention of visiting my brother out in Montana, but the same thing happened. Just couldn't stop playing WoW, gave up on the job hunt, couldn't focus on real life things. For once though, I look forward to the future, because something is finally happening.

I hope everyone at AC is having fun, wish I could be there. Never look at the schedule for a con you really want to go to but can't. So much I wanted to do, so many furs I wanted to see again. Oh well, there will be next year and there is still MFF. I've got a room for MFF reserved. Very much looking forward to going this year. Whatever it takes.

This post was a long time coming, had to get all the emo out. I'm sorry to have disappeared, but the alternative would've been ugly. I'm no fun in depressed-WoW-addict mode :D

Got some old email to catch up on, take care, and I'll see ya on the Internets!
Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
10:37 pm
Not going to MFF
:( So very, very broke.
Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
11:25 pm
Was a very fun weekend and I had a great time. I much enjoyed talking to everyone I know that went to this con, albeit most encounters were quite brief. MFF was great to get to know people, but this con was sheer chaos with the number of things to do and mass of furs. Anyway, here is my report, submitted one day late with 10% reduction in grade.

ThrusdayCollapse )

FridayCollapse )

SaturdayCollapse )

SundayCollapse )

MondayCollapse )

It was a great convention and I regret not getting to talk longer with several furs I met, and had met at past conventions. There are just so many people and things to do, add to that getting sick on Friday. I would like to keep in touch, so feel free to email if you cannot catch me on AIM. Look forward to seeing everyfur at future cons/meets and such.
Friday, July 8th, 2005
10:09 am
Damn Wow
Hello to all again! I think I'm addicted to Wow, but it should not last too much longer. Been running MC and once I get a few epics I'll probably quit for a while. For those not in the know, Molten Core is the final instance in Wow and is pretty much end-game stuff. There's Just a few more things I want to do before quitting, but this is all just pre-entry excuses for not posting in so long (and not loading up AIM for the past few months).

I'm at AC now, having a good ole time. It was almost disaster as my laundry bag full of plushies fell out of the cart on the way into the hotel and I did not notice they were missing until I was on the 25th floor. The bellman was able to get it, but it would have seriously sucked had anyone taken them.

Things are good here, it's nice seeing several furs that I haven't seen since last year. Can't wait to get some more suiting in, though it's tough being on the 25th floor, basically adds 20min to getting up and down from the con floor.

If anyone wants to chat, I'm in 2517.
Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
1:32 pm
It's finally raining and it's pouring!
:D Sorry I have been gone for nearly half a year, I want to blame World of Warcraft, but I have disappeared in the past for no real reason. I did read the friends list now and then and I hope my lack of comments did not offend anyone. So to catch up, I have been playing WoW since the beginning of the year. Started out playing with a bunch of friends, but now they have all left frustrated with the game. I still play though, but not as much as I used to.

I visited my brother down in Alabama for a couple weeks in March. We drove to Austin to see the Spartans play in the NCAA tournament and got to see them play Kentucky, which ended up being the greatest sporting event I have ever seen! We also got to visit our cousin who moved to Austin 2 summers ago. I never thought there would be such a nice city in Texas, it was beautiful and there was plenty of places to see and live music to listen to.

Lately stock in my job search has gone up by magnitudes! For months I got no replies, of course while I was playing WoW I really did not submit my resume much, but lately I have been getting phone interviews left and right. Just today I received 3 phone calls! And someone just called me while writing this to set up an interview! :) A job, the concept boggles the mind at this point. I was feeling down for quite a while now, seeing how different my parents are now than from before I went to college. I am sure they feel the same way about me and it does not help that I have to live with them. It was nice to help them fix/clean/organize their house because it needed it and they would never do it, but now I so desperately want to move that I submitted to jobs in Kansas City! My goal is to be employed by the time AC rolls around.

On a side note, I never got the Japan English teaching job, but my friend did. He will be flying to Japan the day I will be running around in suit at AC. Knowing his personality it will probably end up being a disaster by this time next year and even so, he will come back changed in some way.

Oh yeah, one more thing, when the weather finally started getting nice I went hiking. Got hopelessly lost and eventually found the trail and ended up going the long way back on it because it had jogged where I found it and the compass lies! After sitting on my butt all winter and having hiked over 16 miles that day, my big toenails said 'no way' and have been blue ever since. They are starting to get loose and I think they might fall off... If that does not make you cringe/gross-out then what will? XD
Saturday, January 1st, 2005
11:33 pm
Reflections on the Waves of Change
Hee hee, stupid title for a post, I know.

What an utterly bizarre year 2004 was. This was the year that could have taken several different directions, but I never could have guessed or would have chosen the one that it did. The summer of 2003 was a time of my life where I was to make the decision on what to do after college. I did general laboring for a couple of masons that summer and it was a fine job to let your mind wander and to ponder anything. A nice outdoor job that was physical and real. It was real work with real results created with real materials. Not the job I was fated to work where everything is mental with often temporary or unimportant results in a virtual world. College would wrap up the next year and I needed to decide what to do.

JAN 04: Taught a session for the Volunteer English Tutoring Program. Took a philosophy/literature class about savage man and our contact with the other.
The VETP gig was the most fun I ever had. The students I had were the best and by the end we were all great friends. The literature class was the most interesting and thought provoking class I ever had. By far the best class I attended during college, afterward I asked for an advanced reading list and the professor suggested some terrific books.

FEB 04: Rejection letter from the JET program. Friend went to Furry Weekend Atlanta.
Okay, getting rejected from JET was fine, I sort of thought that a ton of people would apply because the economy was crap and I did not know one person that had secured anything for after they graduated yet. My friend going to FWA had interesting results. He absolutely hated it and rejected anything furry after that. Despite his urgings and information I retained an open mind and decided to see for myself.

MAR 04: Brother quits alcohol.
It was damn well he did and since then I have been laying off the bottle myself.

APR 04: Accepted an internship position at the place I worked at two summers ago.
It was with the intent that I should get full-time employed by the end of the first month. That phone call should have gone differently where I could have been assured of not getting screwed, but at that point I just wanted a job after I graduate.

MAY 04: Graduate from college. Start the worst job of my life. My brother gets married.
Hooray, it's over, felt very bittersweet. College was a time I will not soon forget. The job went sour from the beginning. My bro getting married was a surprise since they did not tell anyone that they were going to. I had my suspicions as they were vacationing in Hawaii for a couple weeks.

JUN 04: Friend opens small business.
The same friend mentioned above opened a business with a few other old high school friends. It turned out pretty well so far and I often visit as it is a lot of fun to play around at their LAN gaming center.

JUL 04: Went to AC, told parents about furry. Brother has wedding ceremony. Went to Mexico for work.
AC was fantastic. Surely a life changing event as I had decided to get a fursuit during the dance and had a great opportunity to explore furry further. Met a few new friends there and got a ton of good art. Told parents of my interest and they did not take it well. I did the photography for my brother's wedding ceremony and it turned out well. Got sent to Mexico for work. They were short on people and decided to send me only giving a couple day's notice. This would continue for many weeks.

AUG 04: Quit Job. Brother moves to Alabama.
The job sucked and they wanted me to continue to work for intern wages till the end of the year. Forget that, they weren't taking advantage of me any more. My bro moved to Alabama and for the first time he was not around to go hiking or watch and play sports or do stuff.

SEP 04: Visit brother in Alabama.
Had to leave early due to a hurricane slamming up through Mobile.

OCT 04: Absolutely nothing.

NOV 04: Went to MFF.
By far the best time of my life! Cannot wait to do it again.

DEC 04: Cleaned out a ton of stuff from my past. Had two relatives die.
Threw away a ton of crap and spent many days ridding myself of all the junk myself and my parents have collected. I want it all to go away, I want to delete my old life. Two deaths in the family, just in time for the holidays :(

Do not know what to think about the new year. I guess my one thing I want is a job. Does not matter if I spend New Year's Eve 2005 at a telemarketing firm, I will have a job by the end of the year.

Sorry I have not been online much lately. There are too many things happening lately. I wish everyone a fine new year and hope the best for all of you. Hope to see you all again this year and here's to all the new beginnings, fresh starts and optimistic uncertainty that we all need. Cheers!
Friday, December 24th, 2004
7:49 pm
Happy Whatever to All!
If I could wish for one thing it would be a big sunny field to be in.

Crap just continues to happen; can't wait for a new year so I can start over with things. But that is all just an aside, this time of year always brings me down. Having been raised a Jehovah's Witness, I never got to celebrate a holiday. Thankfully, religion never stuck with me (never bought the idea of an armageddon where billions of people die because they follow a 'false' god) and for the last 8 years I have been almost completely free of it. Tried to get into the holiday spirit a few years back, but it just seemed off, I'm holiday impaired. Next year I'll give it another try by sending out cards, giving gifts, give to a charity of some sort, and string up some lights or something. It's not like I feel I have to do something, but I want to because it might be fun. I have hardly ever received gifts and I have given even less. It took 8 years to realize this is not a good thing and it's time to let go of the influences from the past. A couple months ago I gave my uncle a DVD player and a TV series he really likes for his birthday. He had gotten me plenty of baseball cards as a kid and I realized that I never gave him anything ever. He really appreciated the gift and I have been thinking of things to get other people since. I seem to have gained a 'gift sense.' Time to put this into practice; next year will be a good year.

I do sincerely wish a happy holidays to all!
Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
12:34 am
Mowing the Snow
Was out yesterday mowing the leaves one last time. There was still a bit of snow from the week before. At least I was not the only crazy person out there, heard a couple lawn mowers fire up that day. Also spent the last several days cleaning the garage, boy was it a blast from the past. Old toys from the 80s, useless junk sometimes 30 years old and a lot of empty boxes and clutter from my mom's business. One thing was quite interesting though, my old playpen was in there. The patterns on it were all of animals and I remembered what each one looked like. I reminisced about all countless days of my early youth looking outside at the trees and fields through the sliding glass doors with my stuffed animals in that playpen. I think quite a bit of who and what I am was defined during those times. Many of my earliest memories from 2-3 years old took place in that thing, it was time to let it go.

I guess I'm thinking about the past and life in general because an uncle of mine passed away last Thursday. He discovered he had a really bad form of cancer in July and that it had already spread into his bones. It was a pretty sad 4 1/2 months. When he went into the hospital for the last time, he was training his replacement at his job. The thought of working your whole life up to the last days chills me. He was a nice man, friendly to everyone. His hobby was computers and he was quite savvy for his age, we would often talk tech at family gatherings, what few we had to share. He will be missed.
Saturday, November 27th, 2004
10:30 pm
Almost a really bad situation...
My brother was up from Alabama for Thanksgiving this past week. Yesterday, he and few of his old local friends ran in a 5K race in a nearby town. The race is a part of this town's holiday celebrations. My bro and his friends used to run that race every year, but this was the first time in 5 years that they got to run together. Anyway, we were running a little late and had gotten there just in time. I waited outside on the sidewalk as he registered. There I was looking for all his friends and waited in the snow by the sidewalk. I sort of stomped down the snow as I waited, this will be important later in the story. It is also of note that it was well after the sun went down. This race is held at night.

Well, my bro walks up with his friends and tells me he was the last one to register and goes to hand me his stuff. Just then he says "Oh shit, I just lost my ring." Now, in the car before this he was talking about how he has lost all this weight running around in Alabama and that he is in the best shape of his life. He was also telling me how his wedding ring doesn't fit all that well anymore even though he got it 6 months ago. There we were, in the dark, standing off the sidewalk in a few inches of half stomped down snow with a ton of people running around trying to get ready for the race, and on top of that someone had screamed for no apparent reason when my bro lost his ring so we couldn't tell if it hit pavement, or landed in the snow and he wasn't even sure exactly when it fell off. He starts to panic, his wife is waiting inside for the race to start (it was pretty miserable weather out that night) and he thought he was a dead man. I, thankfully, did not panic, but started a systematic search. I tell everyone that started scrounging around in the snow to stop. That will only make it impossible to find as I had lost things in the snow before and only found them by locating the depression. I then searched the pavement, as it is the easiest place to look and confirm whether or not it is there. I have someone fetch a light and start rooting around the exposed grass clumps with only a cellphone light. All the while, people are just walking through us, messing up the snow.

After about 15 minutes of this, my bro was losing his sanity, his friends were just sitting there thinking it's hopeless and contemplating not racing. I found the spot where I was standing (the snow was stomped down in that area) and decided to look in the first place I looked already. There I removed snow clumps from the sidewalk edge and started searching in. Saw the faintest gleam in a depression in the snow. Woohoo, I found it! The day was saved and they all got to race, albeit a minute late. They wondered how I found it and I told them I was a raccoon that likes shiny things, so it was only natural... :P
Thursday, November 25th, 2004
5:18 am
Meet the Parents
I had planned to suit at my friend's LAN gaming center in Grand Rapids, but the other owner was there. He probably wouldn't have been cool with it. My friend is an ex furry and was reluctant anyway, so he just needed and excuse to say no. Oh well, didn't think it would happen. I did show him the head and gave him the run down of the con. At least he wasn't anti-furry or anything, which he seemed to imply at times that he would get that way if I continued to get deeper into it.

I gave my parents the chance to see me in suit. If they didn't want to, then I wasn't going to force it on them, but they were cool about it. I guess they came to accept all this, even after seeing that CSI episode. Everything is patched up now. They also got a kick out of the suit. How could they not like it? :) My brother and his wife are up for Turkey Day. My bro knows about this stuff, but not his wife. She has asked questions before, so I figure she was going to find out one way or another. I suited up for them and she seemed quite weirded out. An expression like an opossum in the headlights. My bro sort of shrugged it off and wanted out of there. Oh well, at least they all know now and seem cool with it.

Anyway, when I got back there were a couple job opportunities that came up. I may have a job by the end of the year! Woohoo!
4:54 am
My Fursuit
Hee hee. I love my fursuit.

RingieCollapse )

latinvixen02 did a great job on it. I wanted Ringie to be a character more defined by the suit than have a ton of art determine what the suit looks like. LV created something that is everything I wanted, but didn't know I wanted. Really good artists can do this. Brian Reynolds created something with two raccoons that was as if he had peered into my subconscious before drawing it. LV did the same with Ringie. The tail is huge, the fur is of great quality, the expression on the face is great, a baggy body, the size of the head, and the hair, it's all wonderful! The tail may be a bit of a pain (it's much heavier than I thought), but I think a harness of some sort will solve that. Ringe had a fantastic time running around the convention and can't wait to do it again :)
4:33 am
MFF 2004, A Con to Remember
Wow, what a weekend! Had the best time of my life. I'll have to split this up into 3 posts, first is the con report.

ThursdayCollapse )

FridayCollapse )

SaturdayCollapse )

SundayCollapse )

MondayCollapse )

My few pictures can be seen here: MFF 2004 Pictures
Also, for those that might want to see them, the AC picutres: AC 2004 Pictures

What an amazing convention. I met so many furs. Some of which I can't remember a name for the life of me. Suiting was so much fun, I may just have to keep on doing it :) Can't wait for next year.
Thursday, November 18th, 2004
1:17 pm
Heading out to MFF
Wow, I haven't updated in a long time. Not much really happened, mostly spent my time fixing up our yard, submitting my resume to several black pits and playing games. I can't remember the last time I did so much gaming. Evil Genius sucked up a few weeks, I keep going back to Katamari Damashi and right now I am wasting away in Morrowind. I thought about doing the whole MMORPG thing, but I would get addicted so I'm staying away still. Anyway, I'm about to leave for MFF. Time to have some fun! My Ringie fursuit is finished, but I still haven't seen any pictures. I pick it up at the hotel from somefur probably tonight. I can't wait...
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