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MFF 2004, A Con to Remember

Wow, what a weekend! Had the best time of my life. I'll have to split this up into 3 posts, first is the con report.

Well, the day finally came. Time to head off to a weekend in another world, the furry world. Packed up all my stuff, got together things for my fursuit that I'll pick up later that night and did some shopping for raccoon food. At AC I pretty much starved, so this time I had a bunch of globe grapes, peanut butter and crackers, wheat thins, breakfast squares, a ton of pop and some booze. The booze was to calm my nerves. I'm very shy. I wouldn't even need the stuff later on though.

The drive was frustrating. What should have taken 4 hours turned into 6. Had a burrito at Chipotle 'near' the hotel. Also had a few Pacificos. That cost a fortune, in Mexico I could have had 8 times as much. Rolled into the hotel around 9 and moved all my junk to the room. There were a few comments about the two laundry bags full of plushies :) Since my friends bailed on going to MFF I brought a lot more stuff than I should have, but then again, you can never have too many plushies. If I didn't have a fursuit to pick up I would have played Settlers of Catan with people that night, but oh well. Registration took about 3 seconds to complete, much better than AC.

Called latinvixen02 and went to pick up my suit. Boy was I nervous. Sorry LV for being drunk off my ass. Well, she helped me put on the head for the first time. It was a bit tight and my first impression was that you really can't see nothing in these things. Of course I didn't have it on all the way. LV did a wonderful job, but I'll talk about the suit in the second post. I tried it on that night.

At AC I had missed a lot of events that go on during every convention, so I planned on making all the ones I had missed in order to get the full con experience. Went to the opening ceremonies (missed them at AC, not much happened though) and the "Meet the Guests of Honor" panel. Then it was time for the Fursuit Maintenance panel. I'm glad I went to it. Found answers to all the questions I had about taking care of my first fursuit. I'm glad I bought brushes at the store.

The con was in full swing and I was ready to do my first fursuiting. It took me probably 30 minutes to shower and get into suit. Came down huffing and puffing and had a blast. It was so much fun, so cool, amazing. I was beaming the whole time (there are only a handful of moments in my life where I've smiled continuously for long periods of time). Fursuiting is the ultimate escape for me. I lasted about a half-hour then fur got in my eye. I ran into the fursuit lounge and composed myself. There I met dynoguru and stunttiger. DYNO took me under his wings and introduced me to several suiters. It was great, I don't think the convention would have turned out like it did for me if I hadn't met DYNO.

Went to the fursuit meet and greet and well, met and greeted a few furs. It was pretty packed and people couldn't hear each other. Pretty interesting though. De-suited and took a shower. Saw Kage's Story Hour and 2's performance. Tried finding DYNO and Stunt Tiger before the Furry Variety show, but had no luck. Saw the variety show, fun was had by all. Couldn't find DYNO so I went up to my room to rest my eyes. Next thing I know it's 4am.

Went downstairs and decided to read the newsletter. While sitting there nauta shows up and compliments me on my suit. Now, menokh had mentioned Nauta and told me to say hi for him. I'm glad I checked my LJ one last time before leaving Thursday. We talked about various things and Nauta suggested I get some commissions done. At this point I probably wouldn't have gotten any, so I'm glad Nauta persuaded me.

Did the fursuit parade. That was fun. So many cameras, so many flashes. Hee hee. In the group shot I was sitting in the front row. Afterward LV took pictures all the suits that she made. Went running around in suit a little while longer and hit the charity auction for a while. Bought something signed by Brian and Tracy Reynolds and then headed off to the fursuit games. I finally got around to taking a few pictures. Whereas at AC all my spare time was spent taking pictures, here I would spend my spare time suiting. I'm glad to have some pictures though. The games were interesting. My favorite participant would have to be Growl (mini growl?). Right as the games ended the whole hotel went outside because it was such a nice day. Well, it was a fire alarm actually. Took pictures of the furry shadows cast on the building :)

Went to the fursuit dance and got a bunch of fur in my eyes. When I stumbled out of there, I couldn't see at all. Made it to the lounge and recovered. I wanted to go to the Raccoon Round-up in suit, but I really couldn't take 4 hours in suit. My limit was about 3 that night. Dang, and pandaguy wanted to see me there in suit. Oh well, got to show off some of my photography at the meet and greet. I'll have to put it up online one of these days.

Found DYNO and Stunt Tiger and we hung out the rest of the night going to various parties and places. It was a ton of fun.

Went to some of the art auction and did some suiting. Saw Stunt Tiger's and DYNO's panel on how to take a fall in a fursuit. It was interesting to hear about their mascotting adventures. Caught some of the Sunday Puppet Show, but couldn't stay long. I had to see the Charity Thank You Show. That was some pretty funny stuff! The closing ceremonies came and went with the rest of the con. The party wasn't over though. Hung out with DYNO and crew, went to various parties and got to meet Sabot. I thanked him for inspiring me into fursuiting. I had seen him in the dance at AC, it was in that moment that I decided to get a fursuit.

My there was a ton of fur all over the room, that must be fun to clean up. Forgot to tip the staff, doh. Said goodbye to everyone and even met a few furs in that last hour. Can't wait till we all meet again.

My few pictures can be seen here: MFF 2004 Pictures
Also, for those that might want to see them, the AC picutres: AC 2004 Pictures

What an amazing convention. I met so many furs. Some of which I can't remember a name for the life of me. Suiting was so much fun, I may just have to keep on doing it :) Can't wait for next year.
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