ringie_raccoon (ringie_raccoon) wrote,

My Fursuit

Hee hee. I love my fursuit.


latinvixen02 did a great job on it. I wanted Ringie to be a character more defined by the suit than have a ton of art determine what the suit looks like. LV created something that is everything I wanted, but didn't know I wanted. Really good artists can do this. Brian Reynolds created something with two raccoons that was as if he had peered into my subconscious before drawing it. LV did the same with Ringie. The tail is huge, the fur is of great quality, the expression on the face is great, a baggy body, the size of the head, and the hair, it's all wonderful! The tail may be a bit of a pain (it's much heavier than I thought), but I think a harness of some sort will solve that. Ringe had a fantastic time running around the convention and can't wait to do it again :)
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