ringie_raccoon (ringie_raccoon) wrote,

Mowing the Snow

Was out yesterday mowing the leaves one last time. There was still a bit of snow from the week before. At least I was not the only crazy person out there, heard a couple lawn mowers fire up that day. Also spent the last several days cleaning the garage, boy was it a blast from the past. Old toys from the 80s, useless junk sometimes 30 years old and a lot of empty boxes and clutter from my mom's business. One thing was quite interesting though, my old playpen was in there. The patterns on it were all of animals and I remembered what each one looked like. I reminisced about all countless days of my early youth looking outside at the trees and fields through the sliding glass doors with my stuffed animals in that playpen. I think quite a bit of who and what I am was defined during those times. Many of my earliest memories from 2-3 years old took place in that thing, it was time to let it go.

I guess I'm thinking about the past and life in general because an uncle of mine passed away last Thursday. He discovered he had a really bad form of cancer in July and that it had already spread into his bones. It was a pretty sad 4 1/2 months. When he went into the hospital for the last time, he was training his replacement at his job. The thought of working your whole life up to the last days chills me. He was a nice man, friendly to everyone. His hobby was computers and he was quite savvy for his age, we would often talk tech at family gatherings, what few we had to share. He will be missed.
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