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Reflections on the Waves of Change

Hee hee, stupid title for a post, I know.

What an utterly bizarre year 2004 was. This was the year that could have taken several different directions, but I never could have guessed or would have chosen the one that it did. The summer of 2003 was a time of my life where I was to make the decision on what to do after college. I did general laboring for a couple of masons that summer and it was a fine job to let your mind wander and to ponder anything. A nice outdoor job that was physical and real. It was real work with real results created with real materials. Not the job I was fated to work where everything is mental with often temporary or unimportant results in a virtual world. College would wrap up the next year and I needed to decide what to do.

JAN 04: Taught a session for the Volunteer English Tutoring Program. Took a philosophy/literature class about savage man and our contact with the other.
The VETP gig was the most fun I ever had. The students I had were the best and by the end we were all great friends. The literature class was the most interesting and thought provoking class I ever had. By far the best class I attended during college, afterward I asked for an advanced reading list and the professor suggested some terrific books.

FEB 04: Rejection letter from the JET program. Friend went to Furry Weekend Atlanta.
Okay, getting rejected from JET was fine, I sort of thought that a ton of people would apply because the economy was crap and I did not know one person that had secured anything for after they graduated yet. My friend going to FWA had interesting results. He absolutely hated it and rejected anything furry after that. Despite his urgings and information I retained an open mind and decided to see for myself.

MAR 04: Brother quits alcohol.
It was damn well he did and since then I have been laying off the bottle myself.

APR 04: Accepted an internship position at the place I worked at two summers ago.
It was with the intent that I should get full-time employed by the end of the first month. That phone call should have gone differently where I could have been assured of not getting screwed, but at that point I just wanted a job after I graduate.

MAY 04: Graduate from college. Start the worst job of my life. My brother gets married.
Hooray, it's over, felt very bittersweet. College was a time I will not soon forget. The job went sour from the beginning. My bro getting married was a surprise since they did not tell anyone that they were going to. I had my suspicions as they were vacationing in Hawaii for a couple weeks.

JUN 04: Friend opens small business.
The same friend mentioned above opened a business with a few other old high school friends. It turned out pretty well so far and I often visit as it is a lot of fun to play around at their LAN gaming center.

JUL 04: Went to AC, told parents about furry. Brother has wedding ceremony. Went to Mexico for work.
AC was fantastic. Surely a life changing event as I had decided to get a fursuit during the dance and had a great opportunity to explore furry further. Met a few new friends there and got a ton of good art. Told parents of my interest and they did not take it well. I did the photography for my brother's wedding ceremony and it turned out well. Got sent to Mexico for work. They were short on people and decided to send me only giving a couple day's notice. This would continue for many weeks.

AUG 04: Quit Job. Brother moves to Alabama.
The job sucked and they wanted me to continue to work for intern wages till the end of the year. Forget that, they weren't taking advantage of me any more. My bro moved to Alabama and for the first time he was not around to go hiking or watch and play sports or do stuff.

SEP 04: Visit brother in Alabama.
Had to leave early due to a hurricane slamming up through Mobile.

OCT 04: Absolutely nothing.

NOV 04: Went to MFF.
By far the best time of my life! Cannot wait to do it again.

DEC 04: Cleaned out a ton of stuff from my past. Had two relatives die.
Threw away a ton of crap and spent many days ridding myself of all the junk myself and my parents have collected. I want it all to go away, I want to delete my old life. Two deaths in the family, just in time for the holidays :(

Do not know what to think about the new year. I guess my one thing I want is a job. Does not matter if I spend New Year's Eve 2005 at a telemarketing firm, I will have a job by the end of the year.

Sorry I have not been online much lately. There are too many things happening lately. I wish everyone a fine new year and hope the best for all of you. Hope to see you all again this year and here's to all the new beginnings, fresh starts and optimistic uncertainty that we all need. Cheers!
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