ringie_raccoon (ringie_raccoon) wrote,

It's finally raining and it's pouring!

:D Sorry I have been gone for nearly half a year, I want to blame World of Warcraft, but I have disappeared in the past for no real reason. I did read the friends list now and then and I hope my lack of comments did not offend anyone. So to catch up, I have been playing WoW since the beginning of the year. Started out playing with a bunch of friends, but now they have all left frustrated with the game. I still play though, but not as much as I used to.

I visited my brother down in Alabama for a couple weeks in March. We drove to Austin to see the Spartans play in the NCAA tournament and got to see them play Kentucky, which ended up being the greatest sporting event I have ever seen! We also got to visit our cousin who moved to Austin 2 summers ago. I never thought there would be such a nice city in Texas, it was beautiful and there was plenty of places to see and live music to listen to.

Lately stock in my job search has gone up by magnitudes! For months I got no replies, of course while I was playing WoW I really did not submit my resume much, but lately I have been getting phone interviews left and right. Just today I received 3 phone calls! And someone just called me while writing this to set up an interview! :) A job, the concept boggles the mind at this point. I was feeling down for quite a while now, seeing how different my parents are now than from before I went to college. I am sure they feel the same way about me and it does not help that I have to live with them. It was nice to help them fix/clean/organize their house because it needed it and they would never do it, but now I so desperately want to move that I submitted to jobs in Kansas City! My goal is to be employed by the time AC rolls around.

On a side note, I never got the Japan English teaching job, but my friend did. He will be flying to Japan the day I will be running around in suit at AC. Knowing his personality it will probably end up being a disaster by this time next year and even so, he will come back changed in some way.

Oh yeah, one more thing, when the weather finally started getting nice I went hiking. Got hopelessly lost and eventually found the trail and ended up going the long way back on it because it had jogged where I found it and the compass lies! After sitting on my butt all winter and having hiked over 16 miles that day, my big toenails said 'no way' and have been blue ever since. They are starting to get loose and I think they might fall off... If that does not make you cringe/gross-out then what will? XD
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