ringie_raccoon (ringie_raccoon) wrote,

Damn Wow

Hello to all again! I think I'm addicted to Wow, but it should not last too much longer. Been running MC and once I get a few epics I'll probably quit for a while. For those not in the know, Molten Core is the final instance in Wow and is pretty much end-game stuff. There's Just a few more things I want to do before quitting, but this is all just pre-entry excuses for not posting in so long (and not loading up AIM for the past few months).

I'm at AC now, having a good ole time. It was almost disaster as my laundry bag full of plushies fell out of the cart on the way into the hotel and I did not notice they were missing until I was on the 25th floor. The bellman was able to get it, but it would have seriously sucked had anyone taken them.

Things are good here, it's nice seeing several furs that I haven't seen since last year. Can't wait to get some more suiting in, though it's tough being on the 25th floor, basically adds 20min to getting up and down from the con floor.

If anyone wants to chat, I'm in 2517.
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