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Was a very fun weekend and I had a great time. I much enjoyed talking to everyone I know that went to this con, albeit most encounters were quite brief. MFF was great to get to know people, but this con was sheer chaos with the number of things to do and mass of furs. Anyway, here is my report, submitted one day late with 10% reduction in grade.

I really procrastinated on the packing this year. Wound up going to see War of the Worlds late the night before and packed in the morning, so I hardly had any sleep. Started the trip by picking up some raccoon food. Apples, bananas, peanut butter, crackers, grapefruit and raisins would be my diet for the weekend. The drive went well. I originally planned to drive my 1981 Camaro that I fixed up specifically to make the long trip to Philadelphia, but some last minute problems with a gas tank leak and the fuel filter forced me to 'rent' my parent's car. It was better this way as I did not want my suit and plushies to smell like oil and exhaust. The only problem with the drive was a nice 2 hour traffic jam in the middle of Pennsylvania.

After driving around Philadelphia to look around I checked into the hotel and had a bellboy bring my stuff up. I got up to the 25th floor and noticed my bag of plushies was not on the bellboy's cart! I called down to the desk and thankfully, they were still on the ground outside the hotel. It was a long wait till they were in my room, and all I could think about was how soured the weekend would be if some unscrupulous individual would have taken them. Once everything was situated I suited for a bit in the lobby and ran into Menokh and Latinvixen. Or was that the next afternoon? I cannot remember.

The whole night was spent with the AC turned way up so I awoke shivering and could not stop shivering unless I was in suit. Went to opening ceremonies and went down to the terrace for some soup, but they only had some seafood menagerie type soup so I had a cheese steak that wound up causing quite a stomach ache. This was not the way I wanted to spend the weekend, so after watching the Kaze screening I recuperated in the room wrapped in blankets and wore something warmer to Kage's Story Hour. Story Hour was great and I met Tippus and talked with him before and after the show. Somehow forced my way to the fursuit dance, but did not last long. I suck at dancing, the lights were too bright and just was not feeling good. Could not find the 3 furs I was supposed to meet at the dance, so I just went to sleep with the heat cranked up and hoped the illness would go away.

Got up early feeling much better and went to the Anthropomorhics in Comics panel. It was pretty interesting learning about how TMNT came about and hearing the stories Laird and Sakai had to tell. Went to Sabot's Getting the Gig panel, it was nice hearing the various experiences one has trying to get some work with fursuit. Yappy had stumbled in and shared some insights as well. Afterward I got to talk to a few furs I had met online and sorta ran into everyone, saying hi. Picked up my badge from Naryu in Artist's Alley. I absolutely love it and got several compliments on it thereafter, thanks Naryu!

I went suiting and sat in on the charity auction waiting for something interesting so I could try and bid in suit, but nothing came up, so I went to rest on one of the chairs outside the dealers room. Met Trance Raccoon and he would become a rather common face the rest of the convention. Saw the Masquerade and 2's show, both were quite entertaining. Suited up to rave a bit, but that does not usually last long for me, pretty much ran around in suit the rest of the night. Since I was spending the whole weekend dry, I did not spend much time at room parties this con. I stopped by Sabot's party to say hi and have Jugular Jaguar 'escort' me out by carrying this coon to the elevators, where I would plan the 'ultimate revenge.'

Walked the fursuit parade with Pandaguy and enjoyed the rather cumbersome trip around the hotel. So many escalators and stairs, it was quite confusing. We went upstream for a bit since Pandaguy could not really go down the stairs with Arkun's big feet and I did not want to see him miss the rest of the parade. 150 suits in the parade, but I never would have guessed so many. It seemed at any given time that weekend there were at most 4 or 5 suits running around, sometimes none at all. I was expecting a bit more mayhem, but oh well.

On the elevator ride after the parade, we somehow got Jugular Jaguar in an elevator with 4 coons! Heehee, karmatic revenge :)

Ate a buffet cheeseburger and was lamenting about how I did not get to see Trigem and a few others. As I was getting on the elevator, there was Trigem! Shared a Leeroy moment with him and soon after I went to the fursuiting events on the top floor, only as a spectator though. I really need a more modest tail that I can wear for events where you run around. Nearly all the pictures I took were at the games, if you want to check them out, here they are. Caught some of the closing ceremonies and talked with Trance for a while. Went to Dead Dog in suit and danced till I could not see straight, literally. I was getting quite dehydrated doing my bad dancing, but it was all good. I finally got to dance to Yatta and Re-animator, which was something I was looking forward to.

After the dancing I got to talk to Redfox, whom I met at MFF, but could never remember his name. We talked for quite a while and after, I briefly visited a couple random room parties (could not find the right floor for what I was looking for). Went to sleep late.

Umm. I think everyone knows how Monday goes down. Nothing of note, except running into no traffic on the way home.

It was a great convention and I regret not getting to talk longer with several furs I met, and had met at past conventions. There are just so many people and things to do, add to that getting sick on Friday. I would like to keep in touch, so feel free to email if you cannot catch me on AIM. Look forward to seeing everyfur at future cons/meets and such.
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