ringie_raccoon (ringie_raccoon) wrote,

Hiding in the forest

I almost got sucked back into World of Warcraft. One of my co-workers likes torturing me with WoW stuff all the time. He's not even playing it anymore because if he did, his wife would leave him (seriously). But he wants to play it so bad he's trying to get me back into it so he can live through me vicariously or something, I dunno. Whatever. I went out and bought Guitar Hero on a particularly weak night; would've reinstalled WoW otherwise. Things are alright though. Mostly been working a ton of overtime to keep busy. Can't wait for MFF. Really hoping my car will make it. Cleaned up Ringie a bit and took some pictures.

What's this?
It's nice how the accidental pictures turn out pretty good.

Just relaxing
I got a comfy new couch :)

A bunch of other stuff happened. My best friend moved in next door. He also got two kittens that are super cute. Bought a bunch of Magnetix because for some reason I wanted to mess around building stuff. Work is okay, but I can't stand the people there (think of the most hard-headed, religious people you know, that's who work there). They seem to have dropped the whole Non-Compete thing after I spoke with a lawyer and told them I had done such.

Had relatives over a couple weekends ago and they saw my place and the pile of plushies in my room. They didn't ask any questions which kinda worries me. We went to a nearby Mexican place because we wanted Margaritas, but it turns out alcohol can't be sold in Grandville on Sundays lol. I'd expect as much from the south, but in Michigan?
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