ringie_raccoon (ringie_raccoon) wrote,

Busy Busy

I'm deploying a new version of our software where I work tonight. So that means coming into work at 2pm and leaving sometime after 2am, and that's if there are no problems. Ugh. Gotta drive out to the other side of the state early tomorrow morning too, for Thanksgiving type stuff. So tired, it never ends :D Oh yeah, when I got back from MFF, "the Internets were down." I reset the router and modem many times with no improvement and finally called the cable company. Apparently 'they' had to reset my modem for it to work.

Anyway, MFF was fantastic. I was kinda freaking out Friday and part of Saturday, but that seems usual for me. Just can't loosen up for the first half of any con it seems. Went to most of the fursuit panels. Thanks goes out to Tumbler, aka stunttiger, Tilt, Ocicat, Brace Bear and calamitycougar aka jugularjaguar aka Draconis for putting on some excellent panels. Gonna get a full length mirror to practice with, I still have no confidence of my performance in suit, but it seemed like I was starting to get the hang of it (balloons are awesome to play around with in suit). Went to the How To on Puppetry. Thanks goes out to santa_fox for awesome panel. Gonna finally get a puppet my hand can fit into and practice. Also went to part of Kage's Story Hour and 2's show. I was surprised by all the new material, well, new for me at least, I haven't been to a con in 1 1/2 years. The Furry Variety Show was fun as always.

Wasn't in fursuit that much on Friday and Saturday, but I made up for it on Sunday. I wanted to participate in the Fursuit Games, but was just too tired and not feeling the greatest. Was napping and then suddenly it was starting. Stumbled down there to get some good pictures though. Didn't make it to the Fursuit Dance this year, for a couple reasons. I just plain can't dance in or out of suit; going to find some way to improve that, so maybe next year. Also the material in Ringie's feet was starting to bunch up. It felt like I was walking on pebbles, and not the fruity kind either. The soles of my feet kill right now. Still, some the pictures I took of the dance came out really well, so it wasn't a complete loss.

Sunday was pretty much perfect. Suited a lot, met a lot of new furs and finally ran into others I wanted to talk to. Also got a few art commissions that I've really wanted for a long time.

I enjoyed hanging out with you nauta and thanks for introducing me to many new furs. Probably wouldn't have gotten any art if you hadn't nudged me in that direction.

Pictures will be coming hopefully tonight. I still have about half to go through and then I'll get them up on my site.
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